To All Our Valued Guests and Friends

We will be temporarily closing our FOY Superfoods Downtown
location. We are working hard to bring our beloved restaurant
back to life. With business being so slow due to Covid, and the
lack of staff we are left with no other choice but to try and pick
up the pieces and rebuild what we worked so hard to obtain.
We want to thank all of our wonderful guests and employees
for supporting us over these past years. What began as a little
18 seat restaurant on a sleepy stretch of Dauphin St. grew into
a place that has welcomed thousands of guests and employed
dozens of people over the years. We are extremely humbled
that so many embraced our concept and that we were able to
succeed as long as we have. For a restaurant like ours to survive
and thrive in Mobile is an accomplishment of which we can all
be proud. And we could not have done it without all of you.
In the mean time we would love to see you at our West Mobile
location at 6345 Airport Blvd in Piccadilly Square. We
appreciate your continued support while we navigate our way
back to normal.


  • Super Bowls

  • Super Tacos

  • Smoothies

  • Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Menu items that are gluten free and vegetarian

Perfect for on the go

Provide quick access to healthy food

Here to keep it tasting great and you healthy


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